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 About Mr. Bits & Bytes

Mr. Bits & Bytes was started as a part-time hobby in Rio Rancho, NM in March 2000. It was originally named MR. Bits & MR. Bytes from Mark Reid and Richard Holderbaugh while both worked for Gateway, Inc. Richard left Gateway to work for the Intel Corporation. After Mark was laid off from Gateway and then Richard was laid off from Intel, they went their separate ways moving on from New Mexico to other states.

During this time our economy in the technological field was diminishing. Their were quite a few Dot.com companies going under and closing their stores online. Mark had started another business in another state doing the network and computer repairs leaving Richard with the ownership of Mr. Bits & Mr. Bytes completing the internet services. It was then the name of the business was shortened and registered as Mr. Bits & Bytes in July 2001 with Dunn & Bradstreet.

Richard had received grant assistance to return to school for learning the new technologies that was created for the internet such as XML, ASP, and MySQL/MS SQL. Since then, the business was put on hold because of the economy and further in educational advancements.

Then Richard visited his family in Missouri in March 2003 and there was a high demand for his knowledge and expertise in this business. After his relocation to Missouri, he was given another grant from the state to purchase equipment to re-start this business full time to help other small businesses help improve our economy.


As the economy improved and recessed, we continue to help the smaller businesses needs with their websites. Please visit our Portfolio to further assist in your website development.